Data Protection

Like our product guarantee we try our best to keep your data protected, Moore (UK) Ltd is registered with IPO in UK and adheres to strict guidance and policies regarding safeguarding your data.

We have an open, honest and transparent way we deal with your information and never misuse it.

As a nurse over over 40 years experience patient confidentiality has always played a great part in my professional career and all my customers are treated exactly the same.


Keep any financial information.
Share/Sell your information to anyone.
Bombard you with marketing material.


Treat you as a respected individual.
Keep your data for legal reasons only e.g. HMRC and within their timeframes
Keep the following information only - Name, Address (Billing and Sending), Telephone number if provided and what you ordered.
Keep all your information on a recognised accountancy software in the cloud and our local computers are encrypted.

Financial Information - your financial information is never seen by Moore (UK) Ltd, it is kept at the certified secure padlocked merchant bank part of our service offering, we only get the amount you have paid and what you have paid for from them, along with s shipping address to send it too.

We are transparent and try not to keep paper records but you have the right to ask us anytime to give you a copy of the information we have about you - FREE of charge - anytime.

We will comply to the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in time for its May 2018 introduction.

If you have any question please contact us